Ping G410 LST Driver

The G410 LST (Low Spin Technology) driver provides golfers a lower spinning design in a smaller, faster shape with increased forgiveness. It’s engineered with the same Movable Weight Technology as the G410 Plus model, which allows golfers to customize the driver’s CG location by positioning the weight in one of three positions (Draw, Neutral, Fade) to fine-tune their ball flight. At 450cc, it features a more rounded, pear-shaped design with a face that sits slightly open with a score-line pattern that frames the impact area at address. The fully machined, forged face is thinner to deliver higher ball speeds for more distance. To influence trajectory, an 8-position hosel allows for loft (+-1.5) and lie (flatter) adjustments.

Ping Blueprint Irons

The PING Blueprint iron is a shot-makers design engineered for golfers seeking more precision from their iron game. Fully forged from 8620 carbon steel, it’s small, muscle-back design appeals to the player who puts a premium on workability and trajectory control. Shorter blade lengths and sole widths optimized for a variety of conditions give golfers the control to swing with confidence. Extensive research in the lab and on-course with PING Tour professionals resulted in the final design which undergoes a four-step forging process, with each element 100% inspected to ensure long-lasting performance and quality.

Ping i210

We put the new i210 irons to the test in the hands of our PING pros. Hear what they had to say about the new high-performance iron designed to attack flags.

Ping i500

Oh my, see ya bye. Hear more feedback from our PING pros as they hit the new i500 iron for the first time.

PING Pros Test the G400 Irons

“This 7-iron has turned into my 6-iron but in an 8-iron window.” Hear more from our PING pros on the new G400 irons that we like to call our “Game Enjoyment” irons.

Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedge

G400 Max Driver

PING Glide Wedge