Skechers GOGOLF Arch Fit
  • Contoured insole made with shock absorbing polyurethane
  • Designed to reduce pressure by distributing weight over a wider area
  • Podiatrist certified arch support



With innovation being a key component in the growth of the brand, Skechers is delighted to announce the launch of their spikeless Mojo™ Elite and Mojo™ Punch Shot golf shoes into the 2019 range. 

Both shoes benefit from Skechers’ new GRIPFLEX™ spikeless TPU outsole, a proprietary new grip system designed by the company’s in-house product experts, that boasts a combination of multi-directional cleats and lugs that provide superior traction and stability, all in a green-friendly design. 

The GRIPFLEX™ sole’s low-profile design ensures more of the shoe is in contact with the ground for more of the time, with its flexible TPU unit resulting in more natural ground feel and improved balance. The flexible nubs on the sole are designed to offer uncompromising grip on the turf without penetrating the ground or damaging the root zone, meaning that the Mojo™ range is not only great for the golfer, but great for the golf course too. 


“Comfortably Worn” with the Skechers GO GOLF Pros

Skechers Performance™ Pro Golfers know the importance of comfort on the course—when you’re trying to focus on the next swing, you can’t be distracted by how your feet feel. Our all pro team of Matt Kuchar, Billy Andrade, Russell Knox, and Wesley Bryan understand that Skechers GO GOLF® offers the most dependably comfortable footwear in the game and with innovative performance features built into every pair, there’s no better golf shoe for playing through 18-holes or more. It’s why Skechers GO GOLF® footwear is comfortably worn by our Pros in their game and why you should wear it in yours as well


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