Under Armour

Under Armour Golf ISO Chill

Iso-Chill technology feels cool the instant you put it on. Like an ice pack built right in, its ribbon-shaped nylon fibers disperse heat, while titanium dioxide—the stuff in sunscreen—pulls away heat. You feel cooler, so you can play longer.


Under Armour SPIETH 3

Traction can either make or break a golfer. With each swing, a golfer’s forefoot will rotate laterally, while the heel rotates in the opposite medial direction. This unnatural movement pressures a golfer’s balance by forcing the foot to slip out of position. With this challenge in mind, Under Armour’s design team leveraged scientific findings to create and implement patent-pending rotational resistance into the Spieth 4 GTX. The Signature Rotational Resistance Traction™ technology creates traction through resistance in both vertical and horizontal directions to help keep the feet planted throughout the duration of a golf swing. Thus, the golfer is able to fully rotate their foot and leverage the ground to power through their swing and prevent slippage, providing the foundation for maximum control and minimum power loss.


The UA HOVR Drive GTX is designed for the utmost comfort and support on the course. Through scientifically engineered traction technology, the shoe drives performance by harnessing energy return through UA HOVR cushioning; all while affording each golfer a comfortable and lightweight shoe.